Port City Pavilion and Sales Gallery

Project Summary

The Pavilion and Sales gallery of the Port City (CIFC) is the ¬first building to be built in the reclaimed land spanning 269 hectares from the sea. The structure has an octagon shape breaking away from the traditional rectangular structures. The site located at No. 01-01-10, Port City Colombo, consists of two single story interconnected building structures. CSEC’s work scope was to carry out all structural, architectural and project management aspects.

The project commenced on the 31st August 2017 and has a total contract value of USD 3,183,563,71. The site coverage area is 1607 m2 and building height is recorded as 7.7 m. The project’s 1st phase was the sales gallery part which started with concreting work for foundations and etc and subsequent steel erection of 26 columns and 44 beams. The 2nd phase saw the construction of the octagonal pavilion section of the project consisting of 10 steel columns and 24 steel beams. Total concrete volume is 223.96 m3 and 362.88 m3 for the two phases respectively.

Total R/F wights are 200005 kg and 51047 kg and the R/F Rations are 89.32 kg/m3 and 140.67 kg/m3 respectively. Wights of the respective steel structures are 51150 kg and 51260 kg. The main obstacle faced throughout the construction would be the heavy winds and adverse weather conditions as well as the comparatively fragile ground conditions that made it special to any other site. The project was fully completed as of early 2018.