Jetwing Pottuvil Point

Project Summary

Situated on the idyllic Eastern coast where endless stretches of unspoilt beach lie beside the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean, JetwingPottuvil Point will be a surfer’s paradise.

Designed by the architects of Balmond Studio JetwingPottuvil Point will utilize a unique style of architecture, one which will set new benchmarks in eco-tourism. The structural engineer of this luxurious holiday retreat will be CSEC.

The construction of the resort is designed to be carried out with minimum carbon footprint, with the structures made using wood, woven coconut palm leaves and reeds from lakes called illuk, all of which are naturally found in Sri Lanka. All this and more combined will create a 20 Structural Engineer Balmond Studio Role of CSEC Principal Consultant chalet resort that is truly environmentally responsible and sustainable.

JetwingPottuvil Point located 5 minutes away from the world famous surfing destination, Arugam Bay, equipped with all the luxuries and comforts of a premier hotel will be an enchanting haven for all surfer enthusiasts.